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Service Laptop

Laptop VGA Problem (English Version)

Why VGA ? Recently in few years, mostly laptop produced with share technology. With share the manufacture can reduce many production cost. But so many consequencies with that techology in service technology. With share meants, the laptop problem will SHARE THE PROBLEM TO OTHER COMPONENT.

We have found some of the result of indirect problem because of vga problem :
– USB not detected
– SOUND not detected

Service vga is very difficult right now, because we have do rework, the mostly problem with rework is the old PCB is not flat again . It difference with brand new PCB that pure 100% flat and clean without residu of thin. So the rework with vga have percentage success is smaller than with brand new PCB. And the other problem is the position and size of the thin ball size only 0.3-0.5 mm with quantity is more than 250 pcs dot. With manual rework or system very difficult to arrange 250 ball without miss one of them :-D, very difficult huh :d. Some people say to me , very easy arrange 250pcs dot, and i said, Are you sure ? Why so difficult, i show to them the vga and the position of tin. And they surprise , the THIN BALL IS BELOW ON THE CHIP VGA, HOW WE PUT THE THIN BALL PRECISELY WITHOUT SEE THE THIN BALL ? And for inspection the good one was using X’RAY photo , but too expensive.

The reasonble price for rework is using INFRA RED rework tools, but not gurantee 100% work all depending on quality of the chip before rework and the PCB. For cheap laptop the quality of PCB is poor, so forget rework for cheap laptop , better take another brand new laptop. Chears šŸ˜€

Service Laptop

Bagian apa yang bisa diservice untuk laptop :

– LCD atau tampilanĀ  , bisa tampilan redup, tidak ada gambar

– Motherboard , bisa tidak ada indikator sama sekali , ada indikator tetapi tidak ada kehidupan atau tampilan

– Battery , tidak bisa charge ataupun di charge tetapi tidak naik

– Adaptor , pada umumnya kabel penghubung yang bermasalah